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Seasonal Site Waiting List Application

Today's Time/Date:_____________












Number of adults in your family:______________children:_____________________


Trailer Year:_____________Make/Model:___________________________________


Length:____________Width/Tip outs:______________Amperage of trailer? 30/50


Air Conditioning? Yes/No                                  Electric Hot water? Yes/No


Do you have a commercially manufactured screen porch or deck already? Yes/No


Is the $20 processing fee paid?  Yes/No


This is a non-binding application.  All applicants must plan on having a 5 year old or newer trailer for the season they are getting the site for.  For example, in 2009 the trailer must be a 2004 or newer and in 2010 the trailer must be a 2005 or newer.  Your application will be filed by the date you applied.  When you are called, please be prepared to pay at least the $350 required deposit for a site.  If you fail to respond to that call within 3 days, we will move to the next name on the list and your name will be removed. 


Receipt for payment of $20 processing fee for a seasonal site waiting list given


 to_________________________________________________ on_______________


If paying by credit card, circle Visa/Mastercard and give the


number___________________________________exp. date_____________________